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Playstation Classic Line-up – Seriously?!

Backlogs aside, I know the reason you come to this site is the kind of hard-hitting journalism that other sites won’t give you. We ask the real questions here at, the questions other sites are too scared to ask. With all that said, I read over the list of games available on the upcoming […]

On Rockstar and 100-Hour Workweeks

Fuck ’em.

Retro Playthrough – Terranigma (SNES) [Part One]

It’s no secret, to those who know me, that I love 8-bit and 16-bit video game music. I think vijyamagames lost a lot, when the common medium shifted to CDs, and makers were given the space to include full orchestral scores. Don’t get me wrong. I think some absolutely excellent music came out of the […]

Life-Changing Decision

I leave for Omaha in less than three months. I figure since I’m going to be going for my Master’s in English, I need to get ready. There’s a certain amount of pomposity that goes with graduate school, and I feel like I’ve really got to work to achieve it. It’s time for a life-changing […]

Chris’ Christmas Mix 2010!

Thanksgiving is around the corner (tomorrow) which means it’s time for me to put together my Christmas Mix, which will spin on my iPod continuously through December 25th. I began this tradition a number of years ago, and it’s stuck with me since. (Note: I may have to break my tradition for a few days […]