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What Have I Been Playing?

A while ago, I posted a list of books I’ve read, talking a bit about each one. I thought it’d be fun to do that with video games. Suikoden 2 – Finally finished this one. I sank 45 hours into it, over the course of about four or five months. Maybe longer. Six months? I […]

First “misquote” of my non-career!

Okay, so, the school paper I worked at way back in my college days asked to interview me. I guess they found something interesting in the story of a writer struggling to break in. Also, I’m the co-author of two webcomics, so there’s that. I figured “what the heck, it should be good times”. We […]

Women and Sci-Fi…

If you haven’t seen it, the following is a list of stories for “The Mammoth Book of Mindblowing SF”. 1. “Out of the Sun” by Arthur C. Clarke 2. “The Pevatron Rats” by Stephen Baxter * 3. “The Edge of the Map” by Ian Creasey 4. “Cascade Point” by Timothy Zahn 5. “A Dance to […]

The Grand Theatre, Volume One

It came out today. I’ve been a 97’s fan for years. This is the best thing they’ve done since Satellite Rides in 2001. Hands down. Which isn’t to say the two records (and one live album) in between were bad. On the contrary. I wrote an entire novella to 2008’s Blame It On Gravity. They […]

More Ways to Get Out of Jury Duty

“I tell you what, catch me before my morning cup of coffee and it’s like: BAM! death penalty.” “Okay, I admit it. I killed the man. Wait. I’m not on trial, am I…” “Is that the guy? Sure. I can help put him away.” “Yes, Mr. Prosecutor. My wife loved the cookies you sent her.” […]