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Hey, It’s Your New Favorite Awards Show: The Ramblers

Hi Everyone, what a year it has been for video games. Games were released, and some critics liked them, and some didn’t. Some video games made a lot of money for their respective companies, and pretty much all major game companies shit on their employees. Unionize, people, unionize. I, for one, haven’t played a ton […]

Playstation Classic Line-up – Seriously?!

Backlogs aside, I know the reason you come to this site is the kind of hard-hitting journalism that other sites won’t give you. We ask the real questions here at, the questions other sites are too scared to ask. With all that said, I read over the list of games available on the upcoming […]

Breaking My Backlog #4 – Battle Chef Brigade

On paper, Battle Chef Brigade is a game that shouldn’t work. Its weird blend of puzzle game with beat-em-up feels like the kind of game that’s made because of dare or bet, or at the very least, a game that was prompted by the phrase, “Hey, don’t bogart that shit, pass that shit around.” What interests […]

On Rockstar and 100-Hour Workweeks

Fuck ’em.

Breaking My Backlog #3 – The Bridge

Breaking My Backlog is a semi-regular features on in which I attempt to complete my entire backlog before buying any new games. You can read more about the quest and see my backlog here. Spoiler Warning: The following post contains major spoilers for The Bridge. Seriously. I basically spoil what little story there is in […]