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Breaking My Backlog #10 – Pumped BMX+ (Kind Of)

Breaking My Backlog is a semi-regular features on in which I attempt to complete my entire backlog before buying any new games. You can read more about the quest and see my backlog here. This game is a mess. It’s a half-baked Tony Hawk Pro-Skater clone, but with half the complexity and none of the […]

The Birth of the Player

As I sit here, drinking coffee and listening to Nobel Price winner Bob Dylan, I’m thinking way to hard about video games. Please note, this isn’t abnormal. Ninety percent of my life is spent thinking way too hard about video games. If I ever revisit my alma mater, and my old adviser asks what I’ve […]

On Time

3/20/2013, 10:30 a.m. For my birthday this year, April bought me a watch. As I type this, it’s glaring at me, reminding me of the many things I need to get done this week, Spring Break, and the amount of time I want to devote to them. As I type this, my Kindle is sitting […]

On Comments…

Okay. So, two days ago, Kotaku published an essay of mine, which excites me to no end. It’s my first published work, as a freelance writer, and I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was to see my words on display, in front of so many people. I have to admit: I’ve learned quite a bit […]

On Submissions and Speaking…

I did something new today. I submitted a 250-word abstract for one of my papers to an academic forum. If it’s accepted, I will be flying to Michigan in February to speak on comic books in front of a bunch of comic fans and English scholars. In some ways, this will be a very good […]