There Are No Robots In This Book

About The Book
A collection of short stories, There Are No Robots In This Book, or Robots for short, will feature 11 stories of the Science-Fiction/Fantasy variety. As the name might imply, this book is totally not a comedy. In fact, a few of these stories are some of the darkest I’ve ever written.

1. My Father’s Eyes
2. Elizabeth
3. Sara’s Smile
3. The Squeaky Door
4. The Little Shit
5. Lena
6. The Flower’s Decay
7. Darcy Broke My Heart (Working Title)
8. The Empty Sleeping Bag
9. TM
10. The Assistant
11. A Guided Tour

Cover Artist: Amy Reese

Release Strategy
I plan on releasing some of it for free RIGHT HERE! Maybe 3 or 4 of the stories. I’ll then release the entire collection as an E-Book and Print on Demand physical book. And since I can’t get enough of myself, I’m going to include some brief commentary, from myself, on each story.

At the moment, the E-Book edition will retail for $1.99. The physical book will likely be $9.99.