Ignorance is Bliss

Wooden doors in the back, bar us from the outside world.
We pray for them, but does that help?
Or do our hollow words fall on your ears, only to fall off again.
Ignored in the same way we ignore your greatest commandment—Love.

They make us uncomfortable, and we don’t want to be around them.
But, that wasn’t a problem for You.
You ate dinner with the prostitutes and tax collectors, the scum of society.
And yet, we can’t even bring ourselves to leave our seat, to show them your light.

The best part is that You love us, despite this.
We ignore your commands, and pave our own way—motivated by greed and selfishness.
And You look down upon us, and bless us.
We don’t deserve You. You know that, right? We don’t deserve You.

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