I have a headache right now.
And not just a little bit of a throbbing in the front of my forehead.
This is one of those headaches that start at the base of your neck…
And work their way up your skull, until its planted itself on the bridge of your nose.
And it does this over, and over, and over.
Constant pulsing, moving and throbbing.
It kind of feels like it’s alive.

I wonder, if, on some cold night, I was abducted by aliens.
They laid eggs in my head, which are feeding off of my brains.
That would suck, because I’m not terribly sure my brains are part of a well-balanced diet.
So, my head aliens are likely not getting the nutrition they need.
What would their parents think? If they find their children malnourished?
That CAN’T bode well for me, as the host body.
I’d get the probes for sure.

But, then I shake my head, and I tell myself it’s probably just a headache.
I tell myself I should just take some aspirin.
But, I stop myself.
What if it is a head alien, and Aspirin is toxic to them.
If I get the probes for malnutrition, I can’t imagine what I would get if the dickens died.
Never mind, I’ll suffer through it.
Better safe than sorry, I always say.

2 thoughts on “Headache

  1. Personally, if I were to be abducted by aliens, I’d be disappointed if I DIDN’T get probed.

    I think that all men are at the very least curious about what a good reaming feels like, and an alien probe seems to be the most respectable way to go about that.

  2. Wow, Jan, I never thought of it like that.

    That’ll make the inevitable invasion by the aliens of Analia IV much easier to handle. Thanks!

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