On Love…

I’ve never been in love.
But, I am curious about it.
So, I decided to study John Hughes films and anime, both of which liberally throw the word around.
So, what have I learned?

In anime, they tell us that love conquers all.
But, they also tell us, we’ll fight wars in the future with swords.
So, I’m not sure we should trust the Japanese on this one.

John Hughes tells me that love is blind, deaf and mute.
That you should find the most annoying person in your life, and realize that you are meant for each other.
Especially, if that person is Judd Nelson.
I’d go gay for Judd Nelson.

So, in short, what have I learned?
I’ve learned that watching hours of anime and John Hughes will lead a person to down an entire bottle of Scotch to take the pain away.
I’ve also learned that an entire bottle of Scotch will lead to questionable thoughts about Judd Nelson.

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