The Evil Corporation – An Excerpt

(A Brief Excerpt from my Upcoming Sci-Fi Novel–a Story of Intrigue and Twists and Turns, in the Future!)

The Corporation was evil! He knew that now. But, it was still a shock. Sure, they killed babies, occasionally, but those babies usually deserved it. And the puppies they kicked — it was all in self-defense. But, the super-secret documents he was reading confirmed it. Evil Corporation, LLC, was definitely an evil corporation.

He felt sick. He had been taken in by their sultry smiles, and happy-go-lucky, baby-killing attitudes. He had even eaten dinner with the CEO, Beezlebub. It seemed perfectly normal, when they massacred a goat, and bathed in the blood. How was he supposed to know he was eating dinner with someone, who was evil? It didn’t make any sense.

He checked the clip on his company-issued “God-Killer” gun. He had three “God-Killing” bullets left. That should be enough, though he’d feel a lot better if he had his handy “Burn All Christians at the Stake” sword, but that was back in his room.

He shook his head in disbelief. This was a complete, and utter, shock.

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