Party Time…

The golden calf stands tall above us.
We dance in front of the idol, proclaiming devotion to whatever god has taken our focus.
The focus has changed, so we say.
We aren’t praising a heathen god, we tell ourselves.
Our focus is on the one true God.
But, is it?
The shape is different, that’s true.
It’s not a calf, but a solid gold pulpit.
We beat our bibles upon it, proclaiming our righteousness and humility.
Smugness exudes from our faces, as we stare out across the boardroom…
and our eyes find the same look of self-satisfaction on each person in the congregation.
The line between church and corporation continues to blur.
Or maybe it was never there to begin with.
We take an offering, and ask for donations…
Which we then use to buy a luxury car for our CEO…
For status dictates he can’t ride around in last year’s model.

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