The One…

Does it exist?
This concept spoon-fed to us, by Hollywood, of that one perfect person for us.
I’ve never believed in it.
To me, a relationship has always been about finding someone you feel compatible with…
Looking at what you have, and deciding if there’s something worth pursuing.
I thought I had found that person in you.
But, now, I’m not so sure.

You told me a few days ago that we could never be more than just friends.
But, we couldn’t go more than a day without talking to each other.
You’re confused, I can tell.
So am I.
I’m confused because I thought we had something that was worth pursuing.
I love talking to you.
I love being with you.
I love hanging out with you.

How can you tell me what we have is only friendship, when we’ve talked to each other every night for the past four months, and we still want to talk to each other. To me, there’s something there that’s worth pursuing.

You say, you don’t get the warm fuzzy feelings when you’re with me.
But isn’t a relationship–a real relationship–about more than warm, fuzzy feelings?
Isn’t it about comfort and stability? Something I thought we had?

I’m giving you space.
I’m letting you decide what you want.
You know what I want. I’ve told you.
If this doesn’t work out, I hold no ill feelings toward you.
You are a truly awesome person, and I only hope the best for you.

You deserve to be with someone who will treat you right, and make you feel however it is that you want to feel.

Even if that person isn’t me.

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