I Await The Terminators…

Okay, so I was in the video store Friday night renting Heavy Rain.
And I find copies of Final Fantasy XIII on the shelves.
What luck, I think. This game doesn’t come out for five or six days.
Could I be so lucky?
So, I picked up a copy and approached the counter, my palms sweaty with anxiety.

“Ah, Final Fantasy XIII,” the clerk says to me. “This should be a good one.”
I smile and nod, refusing to say anything, for fear I might jinx my good fortune.
“Oh,” he says, despondent. He calls over another clerk, who looks at the computer.
“I guess we can’t rent this out until Tuesday,” the first clerk says.
“We should probably take these off the shelves,” the second replies.
He leaves to do so.

“Sorry,” he says to me, taking the copy of FFXIII behind the counter.
“It’s alright,” I answer. “I knew it was too good to be true.”

As I leave the store, the full weight of what just happened comes down on me.
Human Error set this game on the shelf five days early.
But, the computer caught Human Error and set it right.

People, Skynet is here.

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