2012 – A TROAMM Story!

Okay, everyone’s worried about 2012. “Oh,” they say. “The Mayan calendar just stops in 2012. It’s soooo weird!” That’s not weird. That’s a freaking coffee break.

Check it…

Bob Mayan works for Mayan Calendars, LLC. His job? Carving the Annual Mayan Disaster-Predicting Calendar. He’s diligent in his work and never late. One day, he’s tapping along and as he finishes 2012, the break whistle blows. It’s time for some of God’s great gift to humanity–coffee.

So, he sets down his hammer and chisel and heads to the break room, where he shoots the crap with his co-workers. It’s during this break that his cellphone rings. Bob answers the call to find out that his wife has gone into labor! He rushes to the (Mayan) hospital, where his wife gives him a son. Such a proud day for Bob Mayan.

But, back at Mayan Calendars, LLC, things aren’t looking so hot. Bob forgot to tell his superiors he was leaving. When he gets back, they’re hopping mad and they fire him. “Screw this place,” Bob says, throwing his hammer and chisel away.

It’s at this point that his superiors realize their mistake. They forgot that Bob Mayan is the only one who can work on the Annual Mayan Disaster-Predicting Calendar. They quickly call him up, and offer him his old position. But, Bob refuses. He’s already taken a job across town at the competition, The Calendars of the Mayans, LLC. He’s doing a monthly calendar over there. Less stress. Better pay. Plus, the benefits package is much nicer.

His old bosses can’t even come close to offering him the same thing.

And that’s why the Mayan Calendar ends at 2012.

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