Don’t You Want to Come with Me?

For the past two days, my iPod has been stuck on Sam’s Town by The Killers. I don’t even know why. But, there are some pretty tight grooves on this album. And the melody lines are dang catchy.

4 thoughts on “Don’t You Want to Come with Me?

  1. It’s a very competent album. For all his pretentiousness, Brandon Flowers is a fuck of a good songwriter. “When We Were Young” is a phenomenal tune.

  2. Don’t hate on the suit. Hate on the tiny little mustache if you have to, but don’t hate on the suit.

    I may not much like the guy, but he can dress like a motherfucker.

  3. Man, I got mad respect for a snappy dresser…

    Flowers, however, wore around a blazer with feather shoulder pads. FEATHER SHOULDER PADS! No amount of snappy dress can save that.

    He’s also Mormon… which might explain the feather shoulder pads.

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