You know what I miss?

Classic fan sites. The way it used to be, you could go to Webcrawler and type in an actor or band’s name, and you’d end up with thousands of results. They were fansites. And there were millions of them.

And they all had the same pictures of whatever set against a bright colored background. The text was misspelled, but you knew it was a misspelling of love. I miss that.

Now-a-days, you don’t need a fansite to find out about Marina Sirtis. She’s got a comprehensive Wikipedia page. Everything you want to know about her, you can find there.

And band photos? Every band in the world has their own website, where they post all of the promotional shots that used to make up the fan collages. There’s no need for that either.

We lost the fansite and, because of that, we lost some of the Internet’s charm. What happened?

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