Elizabeth Moon…

Have you ever heard of her? I haven’t. At least not until today. I guess, a few days ago, she made a rather interesting blog post about Islam. You can read the thing in its entirety here, if you want. But, I’ll give you the basic rundown.

Essentially, she states that we have bent over backwards to accommodate the religious freedom of Muslims, while not protecting other religions–namely Judiasm–from the same persecution. And, also, that Muslims don’t realize this.

Needless to say, this post has caused rage among Sci-Fi fans all over the Internet. The comments range from “I agree” to “I will never buy her books again.” You know, the usual Internet stuff.

My opinion? Don’t care. I’ve never heard of her before today, and she’s not exactly on my short-list of Sci-Fi to read. And I doubt she ever will be. Basically put, her opinions on Islam are near the bottom of my list of things to care about.

It’s right there underneath some guy named Dave, who lives on the East Coast, and Monaco.

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