NaNoWriMo Update!

Title: Six Bullets
Genre: Mystery
Current Word Count: 3,373

A half-hour later, he didn’t even notice when he walked right by his apartment building. He kept going. An hour after, he stopped. He turned and vomited on to the sidewalk. He wiped his mouth and continued down the street.

The tall buildings of downtown Denver began to thin the further he walked. Eventually, he found himself moving through a neighborhood that seemed familiar. After a few minutes, he realized where he was.

At 5:00 a.m., the bottle of whiskey was empty and he found himself standing in front of the factory where they had found his wife. The yellow crime scene tape flapped in the cold wind, though still warned against entry.

He ducked under the tape, and walked toward the entrance. He wasn’t sure why he was here. Did he expect to find something the police missed? May was a good detective. Possibly the best.

But, an overworked police force meant some cases would fall to the wayside. Cases like the death of an addict in a rundown neighborhood. They would search for witnesses, ask some questions, but, in the end, the case would run cold, and be filed away for years.

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