Staturday Update – 11/13/10

Alright, things are moving along with . I need to shorten that down a bit. Robotless? Minus Robots? No Robots?

I think I’ll just go with Robots.

I added a story. This brings the count up to 11:

1. My Father’s Eyes
2. Elizabeth
3. Sara’s Smile
3. The Squeaky Door
4. The Little Shit
5. Lena
6. The Flower’s Decay
7. Darcy Broke My Heart (Working Title)
8. The Empty Sleeping Bag
9. TM
10. The Assistant
11. A Guided Tour

I’ve been thinking a lot about order of stories. I think this is an important decision to make. I don’t want the stories that end on a downer to all be stacked together. That’ll leave some sour tastes in my readers’ mouths.

I’ve also selected my cover artist. It’s a friend of mine. She’s done some comic work for Ideal Comics in the past. She’s also married to the co-owner of the company, and one of my best friends.

Lastly, I’ve decided to group all my manuscripts for the book into one directory. I should have done this long ago, but I’ve been putting it off. Most of these stories have gone through multiple drafts (16 in the case of Elizabeth). These drafts are spread around multiple computers and in multiple emails. It’s basically a mess.

So, I’m going to organize it. Maybe. We’ll see. It’s on my list.

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