Thoughts on Veruca Salt and Writing

Anyone remember this gem from 1997? I woke up this morning with this song in my head. I didn’t remember the lyrics, or even the name of the band that performed it. I did, however, remember the rhythm. I remember, back in 1997, describing it as “toe-tapping”, which I still believe it is. Try listening to that song and not tapping your toe. It’s impossible.

Anyway, after getting up and making a breakfast burrito I took to Google and looked up what few lyrics I could remember. After a few tries, I nailed the correct result. Volcano Girls by Veruca Salt. I looked up the song on Youtube and was instantly taken back to 1997, where I was a young, 15-year-old Chris, watching MTV2 and tapping my toe. It’s not a great song, by any means. I’m not even sure it’s good. But, it does hold a nostalgic grip on me, as it comes from a time in which I used music to regulate a life that was full of change and turmoil. Regardless of what you think of the song, this is what it will always mean to me.

I think I want to write something like that. Sure, I’d love to write something that sells millions and sets me for life. I’d be alright with that. But, I really want to write something that gets some notice for a little while and then fades into obscurity. Only for it to reappear on someone’s mind 14 years later, when they wake up and remember something that stuck out to them way back when. They only remember a few words, or maybe a scene, and they Google 5.0 it, looking for any sort of clue as to what the story was, and who wrote it. And, maybe, when they find it, they read it again, and the words transport them back to where they were when they first read it.

I’d be alright with that, as well.

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