Mic Check…

Is this thing on?

It is? Good.

I have done a horribly bad job of keeping this site updated. I know it’s a terrible excuse, but I have been really, really busy. How busy? Well, I finished my first year of grad school. That was insanely busy. Especially last semester. I nearly killed myself in work. I read about 30 novels and 40 short stories. I wrote close to 90 pages. I took three classes, and I was averaging about 50 hours of homework a week. This was in addition to working my normal job to pay the bills.

I survived it, though. And I passed all three of my classes with A’s. So, you know, score.

Also, and this is pretty big news, I found the girl I’m going to marry. I met her in a class. We hit it off, and started dating. Three weeks ago, I asked her to marry me. She said yes. So, you know, also score. We’re planning our wedding for December 20th. Some might say ten months isn’t long enough to know someone before you get married. I say, life’s too dang short to waste time.

I’ve found a girl, who is happy spending the night in, playing card games and trash talking each other.

I’ve found a girl, who laughs harder at Community than I do.

I’ve found a girl, who puts up with all my neuroses, and who actually accepts me for who I am.

I’ve found a girl, who encourages me be a better person, but doesn’t freak out when I invariably fail.

Can I ask for anything else?

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