An Excerpt for Your Consideration…

I present the following. The opening to a short story I’m writing, off and on. I hope you hate it. “I know what you are,” Sarah breathed, moving her lips closer to his. “Say it,” Malcolm grinned. His breath felt icy, as it glazed her skin. Had she been given another second, or so, she … Continue reading “An Excerpt for Your Consideration…”

New Year’s Eve – A Musical Interlude

It’s New Years Eve and I’m full of empty promises, I half pretend to keep this time, just like last year. The band is loud and I’m wandering the shadows, wishing I was never here. I persevere. A crowded room, these whitewashed tombs, they raise their glasses high, they kiss the past goodbye. This New … Continue reading “New Year’s Eve – A Musical Interlude”

The Art of (Misunderstanding) War

Havisham: My good man, have you seen the latest from that young artist, H.W. Puelle? Mason: I have not. Tell me, what is it? Havisham: It’s a statement on war. Mason: Does he have a point? Havisham: I’m not sure. The entire painting is covered in red paint. He claims this is the blood of … Continue reading “The Art of (Misunderstanding) War”

A Glimpse into the Eyes of Strangers

Her eyes are blue, the color of the sea. I could get lost in them. Swirling in the vortex, I grasp desperately for something to cling to. While my mouth opens and closes, nothing comes out. Not a squeak. Not a sound. Perfect spheres, which embody everything I love about this world. They flitter and … Continue reading “A Glimpse into the Eyes of Strangers”

New Review – Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City. Also, new IC stuff.

In this epic review, I take on the game, about a basketball star, which wasn’t Shaq-Fu. Also, Ideal Comics, my comic book company, has decided to run our first serialized novel, written by myself and some other guy. You can read the first chapter at our site. It’s classic, sci-fi pulp stuff.