Outside, snow is falling. It looks gorgeous, as it settles to the ground. Somewhere inside, my heater starts clanking. Smoke drifts in from the vents. Flashing lights, and a blaze on the horizon. The fight is long, but I’m safe. The same can’t be said for my house. For, now, inside, snow is falling.

Son’a’Bitch — An Allegorical Tale

I stood behind a guy in line for a greasy cheeseburger at the County Fair His skin was thickened leather, and his voice, a remainder of countless cigarettes. Everything he talked about was a son’a’bitch. This was a son’a’bitch. That was a son’a’bitch. He ordered his cheeseburger, and now he was waiting for the son’a’bitch. … Continue reading “Son’a’Bitch — An Allegorical Tale”