Breaking My Backlog #23 – Gato Roboto (With Extra Mini-Review)

Gato Roboto is one of those games I never knew I wanted to play. It’s a metroidvania, borrowing the design and pallette of an old computer game, starring a cat in a mech suit on a mission to save its owner. The events that led to this point are inconsequential, really. It’s a cat in … Continue reading “Breaking My Backlog #23 – Gato Roboto (With Extra Mini-Review)”

Breaking My Backlog #22 – Noir Syndrome and Monster Loves You!

I’ve been playing a lot of procedurally generated games lately. I get it. For indie titles, procedurally generated gameworlds are an efficient way to create a lot of content. I’m not claiming that generating an entire gameworld each time the player starts the game is easy, but it is more efficient than designing an entire … Continue reading “Breaking My Backlog #22 – Noir Syndrome and Monster Loves You!”

Breaking My Backlog #21 – Mini-Reviews

When I started the Breaking My Backlog project, I intended to write a new article for my blog about each game I played. While that worked for the first 20 entries, as I’m getting further into the project, I’m starting to realize that I’m running out of things to say. The fact of the matter … Continue reading “Breaking My Backlog #21 – Mini-Reviews”

Breaking My Backlog #20 – The Blackwell Legacy and The Journey Down

Near the end of 2019, I was running dangerously close to not meeting my goals for backlog completions for the year, so I kind of kicked things into overdrive to try and complete a bunch of smaller games, so I would have something to show for my year. Because, you know, embarking on a new … Continue reading “Breaking My Backlog #20 – The Blackwell Legacy and The Journey Down”

Breaking My Backlog #19 – Electric Highways (With Extra Mini-Review)

Electric Highways is a simple game. You can beat it in about an hour. It’s a first-person platformer, which requires you to move through a virtual world finding keys and opening doors. There’s not a lot of conflict or to be had here, and the story itself is virtually non-existent. It is, however, one that … Continue reading “Breaking My Backlog #19 – Electric Highways (With Extra Mini-Review)”

Breaking My Backlog #18 – Ballistick

Back in the infancy of the Internet, there was a content website called New Grounds, which was the place to go to both see and experiment with a new type of online animation system called Flash. New Grounds is still around, as a site, but I’m not quite sure they maintain the same cultural relevancy they … Continue reading “Breaking My Backlog #18 – Ballistick”

Breaking My Backlog #17 – Evoland

I had never heard of Evoland before last week. Oh, I had bought it a few years back. Or, I had unlocked it in a Humble Bundle or something to that effect. But, I had never actually heard of it. Which is unfortunate, because I think it’s one of the more original and unique games … Continue reading “Breaking My Backlog #17 – Evoland”