Flash Fiction Friday – Howard Spence

I sometimes like to have face-to-face conversations with the characters I create. This is admittedly hard to do. It requires an incredible amount of imagination on my own part, since they aren’t real. Still, nothing helps me get into my characters’ heads like a good old fashioned talk. When people ask why my characters seem … Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – Howard Spence”

Flash Fiction Friday – The Power Outage

Two days. Two days without power was all it took to destroy their perfect relationship. Looking back, of course, they could see it was perfection based on a lie, as perfection often is. But the two days without power brought every lie to the forefront, and when they could no longer turn away, distract themselves … Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – The Power Outage”

Flash Fiction Friday – Entitlement

My life was shit. If I follow through with my plans tonight, and kick off this pointless existence, that’s what I want it to say on my tombstone. My life was shit. I could tell you all about how much my life sucked, I guess. I could tell you about how my brother overdosed last … Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – Entitlement”

Flash Fiction Friday – Too Much Tape

(I wrote this in response to a creative writing challenge from TV’s Michael J. Nelson. “I overspent on tape,” he said, his eyes filled with regret. “How will we ever use it all?” She looked over at the three hundred plastic scotch tape dispensers, one stacked on the other, filling nearly a quarter the wall … Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – Too Much Tape”

Flash Fiction Friday – James and Sarah

When she opened the box, she would find his gift. This made him happy for all the reasons one would expect him to be happy. He loved her, he thought she loved him, he was giving her his most precious possession, and he expected her to realize what it meant. Yes, this gift would cement … Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – James and Sarah”

Flash Fiction Friday – War is Over

It was her eyes that did it. It was her eyes that wrecked me. Endless depths of black surrounded by white, with only the slightest ring of red that says she’s been smoking something. Her emaciated body tells me I’ve been gone a long time. Her eyes tell me I’ve been gone far too long. … Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – War is Over”

Flash Fiction Friday – Drinking, Drunk

The woman across from me is older. I estimate her age at 50. Later on, she tells me she’s 61. I was always pretty bad with ages. The bar around me is loud and obnoxious. There’s some football game on screens attached to the ceiling. Two teams I’ve never heard of go at it. The … Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – Drinking, Drunk”

Flash Fiction Friday – As In A Mirror, Dimly

He looks down and sees the wreck that used to be his car. He remembers being inside when that happened, though vaguely. Now, his mind is fixed on his current position. He is outside and flying. An ethereal feeling overcomes him, and his mind shifts back to events from minutes (hours?) ago. They fly down … Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – As In A Mirror, Dimly”