How to Live Safely in a Science-Fiction Universe

Okay, so I finished it. And I’m left a little unsatisfied. Don’t get me wrong: The prose was solid and the ideas were terrific. But, it was almost too thick to really get to the meat of the story. Now, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not very smart. I’m really an idiot, when … Continue reading “How to Live Safely in a Science-Fiction Universe”

I have a new obsession…

The ApologetiX! They’re a Christian parody band that has spent the past 20 years releasing albums full of secular songs rewritten with Christian lyrics. This shit is amazing. I’m not even being sarcastic here. I mean every word. And I’ll tell you why… because it takes some real stones to rewrite Paradise City by GnR … Continue reading “I have a new obsession…”