Chris’ Christmas Mix 2009 Extravaganza!!

I have over four hundred songs on my Christmas Mix this year. The genres range from rock to country to reggae. It is a collection of random Christmas music pulled from various CDs, LPs and Cassettes. Here are some random thoughts concerning the mix… Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC is the greatest Christmas song … Continue reading “Chris’ Christmas Mix 2009 Extravaganza!!”


Outside, snow is falling. It looks gorgeous, as it settles to the ground. Somewhere inside, my heater starts clanking. Smoke drifts in from the vents. Flashing lights, and a blaze on the horizon. The fight is long, but I’m safe. The same can’t be said for my house. For, now, inside, snow is falling.

Son’a’Bitch — An Allegorical Tale

I stood behind a guy in line for a greasy cheeseburger at the County Fair His skin was thickened leather, and his voice, a remainder of countless cigarettes. Everything he talked about was a son’a’bitch. This was a son’a’bitch. That was a son’a’bitch. He ordered his cheeseburger, and now he was waiting for the son’a’bitch. … Continue reading “Son’a’Bitch — An Allegorical Tale”