Breaking My Backlog #19 – Electric Highways (With Extra Mini-Review)

Electric Highways is a simple game. You can beat it in about an hour. It’s a first-person platformer, which requires you to move through a virtual world finding keys and opening doors. There’s not a lot of conflict or to be had here, and the story itself is virtually non-existent. It is, however, one that … Continue reading “Breaking My Backlog #19 – Electric Highways (With Extra Mini-Review)”

Breaking My Backlog #18 – Ballistick

Back in the infancy of the Internet, there was a content website called New Grounds, which was the place to go to both see and experiment with a new type of online animation system called Flash. New Grounds is still around, as a site, but I’m not quite sure they maintain the same cultural relevancy they … Continue reading “Breaking My Backlog #18 – Ballistick”