Breaking My Backlog #7 – The Frederics (With Extra Mini-Review)

Breaking My Backlog is a semi-regular features on in which I attempt to complete my entire backlog before buying any new games. You can read more about the quest and see my backlog here. Frederic: Resurrection of Music and its sequel, Frederic 2: Evil Strikes Back, are both games about musical anachronisms. When classical composer Frederic Chopin … Continue reading “Breaking My Backlog #7 – The Frederics (With Extra Mini-Review)”

On Yoshi’s Crafted World, or Why Sometimes Games Can Just Be Chill

I haven’t played a Yoshi game since Yoshi’s Island on the Super Nintendo, which is weird because I actually like Yoshi’s Island more than Super Mario World, which might be blasphemy in the eyes of most gamers, but what can I say? I hate gamers almost as much as I hate sentences with only one clause. Despite my … Continue reading “On Yoshi’s Crafted World, or Why Sometimes Games Can Just Be Chill”

A Switch From Regret to Acceptance

I woke up this morning to the pangs of regret. It’s become a bit of a normal practice, for better or worse, to check Twitter when I wake up to make sure the world didn’t end while I was sleeping. This morning, however, my feed wasn’t filled with the typical politics I expect to see, but … Continue reading “A Switch From Regret to Acceptance”