Hey, It’s Your New Favorite Awards Show: The Ramblers

Hi Everyone, what a year it has been for video games. Games were released, and some critics liked them, and some didn’t. Some video games made a lot of money for their respective companies, and pretty much all major game companies shit on their employees. Unionize, people, unionize. I, for one, haven’t played a ton of games this year, though I think I’ve played more than previous years. And, just being real, I haven’t played any major releases. Admittedly, this makes handing out awards an interesting idea, since I haven’t played a lot of games that topped other publication’s best of 2018 lists. God of War? Won’t be anywhere near these awards, because I didn’t play it. Same with Red Dead Redemption and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As I’ve said elsewhere, I have nothing against any of these games. They’re just not what I want to spend my time on.

So, let’s talk about what I did spend my time on. I played a lot of indie titles this year. With the indie market exploding on the Nintendo Switch, I took full opportunity to play both new indie games and discover older indie games I might have missed. As such, I think I’m going to debut my awards show with four awards. After all, if I learned anything from the Video Game Awards this year, it’s that no one cares about the awards really, we just really want to see some celebs with tangential connections to video games making jokes about video games. Yes, please.

(Though, I think we can all agree that SonicFox accepting his award in his fursuit was fucking tight.)

Without further ado, let’s hand out some awards.

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Playstation Classic Line-up – Seriously?!

Backlogs aside, I know the reason you come to this site is the kind of hard-hitting journalism that other sites won’t give you. We ask the real questions here at Troamm.com, the questions other sites are too scared to ask. With all that said, I read over the list of games available on the upcoming Playstation Classic and I’m left with a simple question: Seriously?!

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Breaking My Backlog #4 – Battle Chef Brigade

On paper, Battle Chef Brigade is a game that shouldn’t work. Its weird blend of puzzle game with beat-em-up feels like the kind of game that’s made because of dare or bet, or at the very least, a game that was prompted by the phrase, “Hey, don’t bogart that shit, pass that shit around.” What interests me, though, as a gamer and intrepid games writer, is that it does. Somehow, the game works, and I had a blast playing it.

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On Rockstar and 100-Hour Workweeks

Fuck ’em.

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Breaking My Backlog #3 – The Bridge

Breaking My Backlog is a semi-regular features on Troamm.com in which I attempt to complete my entire backlog before buying any new games. You can read more about the quest and see my backlog here.

Spoiler Warning: The following post contains major spoilers for The Bridge. Seriously. I basically spoil what little story there is in this game.

The Bridge is a game about slowly descending into madness, which is apropos as playing the game will cause you to descend into madness. It’s a puzzle game, and a good one at that. But it’s a puzzle game that requires you to focus, and with each level, it requires more and more focus, until you end up wanting to tear your hair out. If you’re lucky enough to have hair, of course.

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