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Welcome back, I guess.

I'll be honest. I do not know how to begin this. I've had this domain for years at this point, and I feel like I have written a post similar to this a million times. Of course, this time is slightly different. I've nuked my old site. What you are seeing is a new experiment, something I'm going to try in 2024. I want to create, and this website is going to be a central hub for what I do online. So, what does that mean?

Fuck if I know.

Jesus wept, let's try this again. At the moment, this blog will serve as a single piece of a three-prong approach to creating stuff online. What you will find here are the things I have written: Essays, articles, reviews, etc. The focus will primarily be video games, because that is something I enjoy immensely. However, I will sometimes dip into movies, books, and music. Heck, I may even recommend a Podcast or two.

If you'll look at the menu, you'll see other places I am online. On Twitch (prong two!), starting in January 2024, I will livestream once a week, specifically on Tuesday evenings, from 8 to 11, CST. You'll usually find me playing strategy games (poorly) and RPGs (better, but still not great). I love retro games, including the SNES and 1990s PC games. In January, I will be playing Caesar 3, one of my favorite city-builders, and one I have never actually beaten. So, we're gonna hunker down and beat that.

Now, my intent is to take those Twitch vods and break them up into two or three pieces and throwing those on my Youtube channel the following week on Monday and Friday. At the beginning, I probably won't edit these too much, because I'll be real: I don't know how. I can pull a video into some software and add an intro and ending. But, beyond that, my knowledge is real limited. It doesn't mean I don't plan on learning. Just, right now, don't expect much flashiness on the Youtube page.

Lastly, my socials. I don't post on Twitter. I don't even have Twitter on my phone. The only reason that account still exists, and why I'm linking it here, is because I know people do still use it, and the feed will be updated any time I make a post on this blog, post a video on Youtube, or go live on Twitch. So, essentially, follow that account only if you just want updates. If you want my thoughts on everything from politics to movies to video games, as well as occasional pictures of my dogs, follow me on Blue Sky. If you can, of course. Eventually everyone will be able to. I guess.

Blue Sky and Twitter are the only social media accounts I have, and Blue Sky is the only one I post on consistently. Do not look for me elsewhere, you will not find me.

Anyway, I am going to stop it there. I've been designing this site for a few hours now, and I need sleep. Thank you, and good night.